Being a CAfLN Member

Becoming a member of the Canadian Assessment for Learning Network (CAfLN) brings you into a flexible member-led organization that fosters collaboration and sharing among teachers, researchers, and other leaders who are interested in the practice of assessment for learning (AfL) and the development of research and policies relating to AfL at local and provincial levels. CAfLN operates through the voluntary involvement and engagement of its members. Membership fees are used to establish and maintain CAfLN as a non-profit organization and to build a member-driven interactive website where one is able to participate in discussions and share experiences, both successful and otherwise, related to AfL. Fees are also used to support a members-only symposium connected to the annual conference. Board and committee members do not receive financial remuneration for their contributions.


What are the Benefits of Membership in CAfLN?

  • Members can connect easily, online and in-person (at the annual symposium and conference), with teachers, leaders, and researchers at schools and universities across Canada to share information, concerns, resources, and learn from each other.
  • Members have access to Canadian leaders in the field of assessment and evaluation.
Regional Connections
  • Members can initiate and participate in Pop-Up Meetings that occur anywhere in the country with fellow CAfLN members. These pop-up meetings are more informal opportunities for members to share their knowledge and experience and make connections with each other.
  • Members have access to a variety of resources from Canada and around the world via the CAfLN website and opportunity for discussion in the member forums.
  • Through contact with members from across Canada, and from all levels of K to 12 and post-secondary education, as well as assessment experts around the world, CAfLN helps educators find solutions to assessment challenges at classroom, school and system levels.
 Symposium and Conference
  • Members can participate in an annual Symposium and Conference, where they have a chance to gather, learn how AfL is being implemented, share assessment research and effective practice with colleagues and strengthen a network representing all regions of the country.
 Mentoring and Support
  • CAfLN provides a pan-Canadian support network to help educators deepen their understanding about assessment so that they, in turn, may improve assessment practice at any level of K to 12 and post-secondary education.
  • CAfLN provides a network for members wishing to increase awareness and broaden the understanding of AfL among Canadian educators.


Which Membership is for You?

 Student Membership

Be a part of this digital community where students can connect with educators, administrators, and professionals to share their challenges. A one-year student membership is $50.00.


 Individual Membership

Be a part of this digital community where educators, administrators, students and professionals share their challenges and successes in the field of AfL. One year individual memberships are $100.00.


Institutional Membership

CAfLN is a member-driven network designed to connect people across Canada with an interest in Assessment for Learning or AfL so that they can learn from, with and on behalf of one another.  This means that membership is intended for individuals.  We are aware that there are organizations with a number of people who are interested in joining CAfLN and would like to participate.  For this reason, we have created an option for institutional membership where pricing varies depending on the number of individual memberships from one institution. Since CAfLN is a network of individuals, the people within the institution would need to be named individually as full members.  If you select one of the institutional membership options, please complete and email the form found below to  Once the form has been completed and emailed, please select the payment option appropriate to your organization and follow the link to PayPal.

Follow This Easy 2 Step Registration Process

  1. Please download the form below and fill in the information applicable to your organization. Once the form is completed, please save the document and email it to

CAfLN – Institutional Membership Registration Form

  1. After receiving the CAfLN – Institutional Membership Registration Form a custom PayPal Payment Invoice will be emailed to you.  The invoice with reflect payment for your Institutional Members and the applicable discount.  At this point you will be redirected to a PayPal site for payment processing.  Please note a PayPal account is NOT required.  PayPal accepts all major credit cards as well as a variety of other payment options.If you have an questions or concerns, please contact us at

Join CAfLN Today!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding membership, please contact us at