A Message from the Membership Chair


2016-05-14 Symposium Grant and Damian

My name is Grant Page. I am a music teacher in Seven Oaks School Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba and have attended all four CAfLN Conferences and Symposiums. I have had the opportunity to share my thoughts and inquiries about assessment with other Canadian educators. Listening to other educators from across the country share their AfL stories at each of our symposiums, I have felt rejuvenated, refreshed and repurposed. After the first conference and symposium in Winnipeg, I realized how important it was to remain connected in some way to the people that had created this energy in me. I have seen the network envisioned by Lorna, Damian and Ken take shape and get stronger.


In just over four years, CAfLN has been able to connect over 200 educators from all levels in several provinces. The network continues to evolve, assessing its strengths and weaknesses as it moves forward. As chair of the membership committee for 2017-2018, I would like to encourage anyone involved in education who is looking to connect with other like-minded educators, to join CAfLN and actively participate in the network by sharing their stories and questions around assessment for learning. Together we can support each other and further our collective understanding of assessment for learning right across the country. Please join us.